Tack (and other stuff) sale!

Today my wonderful committee and volunteers spent the afternoon tagging equipment to sell this Saturday, and it was a job!  We still have a bunch more to do, but it should all be set by Saturday.  And Linda P showed up to help!  Bravo for Saratoga for getting down here and getting involved!  We kinda felt like the red-headed step child for a bit, but now everyone is making a big move to keep us involved in the larger picture.  I absolutely love that there is so much more communication and interaction with Saratoga people. Just ’cause you guys live in New York doesn’t make you totally evil.  I guess.  Maybe.  Pat came down, and we loved her.  We love Linda.  Mary only made the briefest of visits, but she seemed very nice.  We adore Sandy.  And Sara, from Kentucky, gets an automatic pass.  Love you, Sara!  So come on, New York!  Come visit!  (Just not in August.  Nasty weather).  Keep your paws crossed for the sale.  And say a prayer for Enzo.


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