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Tech savvy, take two

Okay, I can’t turn it on. The video camera, I mean. I think I finally figured out it may need recharging, so I plugged it in (plugs I can handle). But I can’t get the dvd thing to open up. Next step is to rifle through the drawer that usually (unless I put it in a “safe” place) contains all the manuals for all the stuff I never figure out how to operate (for instance, why do I need TWO remote controls to turn on my TV?). If I did put this particular manual someplace “safe,” I will consult the internet. If that doesn’t work, I’ll go to FoodLion and find a six year old. Crike.

So back to Brown, my lovely girl. I’ve been asking her to bring her balance up a bit, tuck her chin a bit. Basically to start moving in a training level frame. She’s a big girl now, she can do it. And she is trying soooo hard! But she hasn’t developed the muscle yet to carry that frame for long. What she hasn’t figured out is that she doesn’t HAVE to hold it until it hurts. We can take a break. She can pick her head up, or stretch her head down…. But she doesn’t. She tries and tries and tries and gets frustrated, so I have to stop and make her quit. The other funny thing she is doing is leaping. We had gotten to the point where crossing the little stream or ditch was no longer a Herculean effort and a massive leap into the air, but… I brought back jump training. Specifically, very scary black and white barrels (which she cleared by about eight feet fore and aft, and about four over the top). So now, having been praised for going over barrels, she is back to leaping the stream and the ditch (and expecting the praise, but when praise comes in the form of “AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!” she is a bit confused). The good news is that her canter departures are really improving. I ask and get it right away, and the correct lead! And she canters and steers! And she no longer feels like there might be considerably more than four legs down there somewhere, moving in dog only knows what direction! Year five is definitely going to be Brownie’s year. My little girl is growing up.

I should put in a quick plug for Red, too, so she won’t get jealous: her trot work is really starting to look good. But it’s easy for her. She just had to understand what we wanted. And gymnastics are a walk in the park for her. But, if she does it twice and I don’t change it up, she’s already getting bored. So I’ve got six sets of standards at different distances. She goes through, and I run over – poles up! Poles down! and Jeanne brings Red back through. And Red says, “Oh wow! Cool!” Gotta stay one step ahead of this clever girl.

Dave is going to his new home on Thursday. I’ll get pictures for you.

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