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Teddy ROCKS!

Hey, did I mention I had planned to take the new guy on a Bull Run trail ride?  There was one on Saturday at a very good fixture (Arrowpoint.  Plus there was food and a pool party afterwards, how could I resist?).  I Put Teddy (Mighty Tuff) on the trailer (he rode like a dream with his buddy Erik (Green Shoots, who pending a vetting, might be adopted!), but alone?  Not very funny, lady.  He whinnied and pawed the first five minutes of the fifteen minute ride (Oh yeah, that was helck.  Fifteen whole minutes, Pony).  We got there and I tacked him on the trailer.  He was pretty good. Just whinnied a couple of times and looked around.  Then I unloaded and poached a very tall mounting block from someone already up and away.  I did have an audience, and it did take a few minutes to get on as he wasn’t quite certain we were not at the track, but finally the “stand still” drill kicked in, and he stood fine, I mounted, and he walked off.  We got a “Well done!” from the audience.  I have to admit, sometimes I am their entertainment on these rides.

Teddy and I opted for the Walk Group, which consisted of Kristi and myself.  Okay, now K is on a seasoned foxhunter, and if I had not shown up, she could have gone and had some fun with the Run and Jump Group, as she didn’t even have the kids to babysit.  But she was very gracious, sucked it up, and took me out.  Thank you Kristi!  Anyway, I knew Ted didn’t like squishy ground, so we went in search of squishy.  It wasn’t pretty, but he did it.  He also hopped a few little logs!  I was so proud!  No one had ever asked him to jump before!  He was great!  We got back, I washed him down, tossed him back on the trailer and ran him home before I went back to play.

So, fast forward.  Today J3 was here, we get through the farrier and the prospective adopter, while halfway mucking  out the feed/everything room (I had to empty the hay stall to make room for more injured) and get on to play.  We take Jeffy (who, as a suprise for J3, got his feet painted with Twinkle Toes this morning because she called and said she overslept.  Oh!  I gotta hide that stuff or she’s gonna beat me to the barn and get everyone!) and Teddy.  We head to the woods for Squishy Practice.  It rained cats and dogs here the other night.  Tornado touched down up the road.  Figured there had to be lots of squish out there, and I was right.  What surprised me though, was that Teddy not only lead, but that squish no longer means anything to him! He doesn’t slow down (and this horse has the most gorgeous power walk ever), doesn’t look, doesn’t deviate from course!  Whoa!  He even marched straight through Whiskey”s Puddle (A very large, deep, year round swampy mess so named for Whiskey and Water, who, without giving the slightest warning, or even a pause, swung his right foreleg forward and slid onto his side in one beautifully executed, smooth movement, putting himself, myself, and my brand new saddle in about a foot and a half of slimy mud).  This horse can learn quickly, and assimilate information.  Gotta love it.



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  1. Anna says:

    “Squishy Practice” — now that’s technical riding term I’ve not heard before. We’ve had more rain than one can stand thanx to TS Debby but today it is sunny, breezing & surprisingly cool, so I think I will tack up this evening & try out a SP session myself, though the rain percolates quite well through our sandy soil so perhaps not as squishy as you have it. Weekend will be scorching hot & humid — welcome Summer!

  2. solvit says:

    Teddy sounds like a good boy!


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