Terrific rides

I’ve had some pretty good rides on Tony, Smash and Chick recently.  I am pleased to report that not only have they all unanimously agreed that picking up reins does NOT mean break rider’s nose, they have found their balance, largely (especially Tony, who had a head start last year) and are doing lovely trot work.    Nice walk halt trot whatever transitions, too.  Tony is starting to show some real dressage promise (and he now has a dressage groupie, who will give him a good reference.  He has a rocking horse canter to die for).

Smash is a bit more work in progress, but is really trying very hard to figure it all out.  Gotta love a horse who tries.  He might even jump a bit.  Unknown at this point, but he has been perfectly willing to go over whatever I put in his path.

Chick would make someone an awesome trail/pleasure horse.  I’ve been trying to scare him: kicked the big ball at him, threw the tarp around, put a tire on his butt, made him drag the tire, walked him past construction guys taking down run in sheds along the road.   Whatever.  been there, done that, Honey.  He self carries now, in walk and trot.  No pulling.  Problem is, he is probably smarter than most of my readers.  I know he is smarter than I am.  I can just let him out of the pasture and he will put himself in his stall every time.  He loves his fan.  Baths.  Attention.  Peppermints. Has terrific manners.  He’s just an older gentleman who would like a more laid back approach to life with someone else who has been there, done that.

So I am still waiting for the super saddle.  Takes a while to build one, but I will keep you posted on our progress and try to get pictures up on the site.

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