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The continuing saga of T, the jerky ulcer horse.

Okay, I really think we might be on to something with this ulcer thing.  I put him on ranitidine, which I mix with peppermint Maalox, three days ago and suddenly T has his bounce back!  I’m not saying he suddenly became totally warm and fuzzy (he’s a jerk), but that trot was one of the big reasons I bought the horse.  I completely understood why his previous human wanted to make him a dressage horse.  It was a beautiful, beautiful trot.  Like riding a big rubber ball.

However, T thinks going in circles is incredibly stupid, and has no problem telling me as much.  Sometimes a little (a lot) more vehemently than is actually necessary.  He thinks I am stupid and deaf.  So I thought perhaps eventing would be something more to his liking, as he seems to enjoy trails and jumping.  That didn’t work.  Nothing worked.  Things just got uglier (baaaad attitude), and then one day, the bounce went away.  I had a jerk for a horse with an ordinary trot.

And then he inexplicably colicked under saddle while walking around Montpelier.  Ever take your horse for a walk and suddenly have him collapse on you?  The vet was talking surgery, and that’s way beyond my budget, so I opted for the lots of painkillers I will call you in a few hours approach.  Poof!  Insta better.  At the time, we weren’t thinking ulcers.  He wasn’t girthy, didn’t react to the pressure points, ate well, tolerated the occasional bute.  Nothing screamed ULCERS!

So now he is off the little bit of grain (handful) he was getting, and on the aforementioned drugs. He still lives out on pasture 24/7.  The cribbing has decreased noticeably.  He doesn’t pin his ears at me, and the bounce is back.  We might possibly be headed in the right direction.  I’m doing some research and consulting with vets.  I will keep you posted.

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  1. Nancy Lowey says:

    His issue could be gastric ulcers instead of stomach ulcers so research both.They are treated differently.
    Check into a non processed feeding program as well.
    Wishing you good success.


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