The new guys

I’ve got three new geldings to play with! They look great. Anne has done a good job putting weight on these fellas, and they are now ready to start new careers. I’ve called the farrier, and shoes are on the way. The two six year olds are darling. One poofs up and tries really hard, and the other is totally laid back. Makes one wonder if he ever really saw the track. He thinks he owns the place. The ten year old was obviously running his own show for quite some time, and is now a little put out about having to take orders again. Not that he’s bad, but like a lot of people I’ve met, this horse wants to work harder at not working. After I sit through all the “Yeah, buts” and “What ifs” and “Couldn’t we do” and “I’d really much rather” he gives up and is fine. Once he’s into the routine, I think he’ll just get on with it, but for right now we are working on establishing the routine. Okay, only once on the lunge, then two lunge and ride sessions, so I can’t actually call that “routine,” but it is a start. I’ll see what he has to say for himself tomorrow. But what fun! New guys!

And I have a pony clubber coming to check out a few of the horses on Monday! She’s been interested in Brown, but they are so far away I wanted to have more than one horse to show them when they got here. Everyone is back online again, so I’ve got four mares and three geldings to parade out. Depending on her ambitions and experience, I am hoping I’ll be able to send her home with something fun to play with. I’ll let you know what happens.

But back to the geldings. Total technology failure. I took pics with my phone, and sent to the computer, to try and upload here (seemed so simple at the time – horse! Camera! Email! Piece of cake!) but nothing is sending. It is all trapped on my phone. If I send them as thumbnails, you get to look at a postage sized image of something that might be a horse, might be a large brown dog. Who can tell? And because of the angle of the sun, they are up against the barn. Bay horse, black barn. Yeah, that’s helpful. I don’t even know if the pics are any good at all, because I couldn’t see a thing on the itty bitty screen. But I am trying.

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