The only thing good about snow is that it is not mud

I have cool pictures, but I can’t add them here on Dave’s laptop. Doesn’t work. Sometimes just typing doesn’t work. At any rate, I thought I should check in.

We got dumped on. 14 inches, but my little 1990 Ranger was a star. Fortunately, I remembered to load it up with wood on Wednesday, because we had to drive unplowed roads to work. Took me almost an hour to go 11 miles, and we beat the Montpelier staff there, but we did it! And going home I didn’t see VDOT, but a lot of farmers on tractors clearing the secondary roads. Good for them. Who wants to sit around and wait for the government to bail them out? Ron had put out extra hay the day before, just in case, and Roman and I filled the water tanks and stacked extra bales by the paddocks, so we were in pretty good shape. But I still had to do all the checking on foot, through all that snow. DOG I am out of shape! More time on the Nordic track is definitely in order.

However, that storm took a lot out of the poor guys, and a few I thought were going to make it through without help suddenly needed blankets. Sigh. That’s 13 blanketed beasties. And this week they are talking 60 degrees? That’s 13 horses I will have to go catch, unblanket, then turn around and reblanket. In 6 separate fields. Very tiring and time consuming. There’s an exercise program for ya! Instead of falling in the snow I’ll be tripping in the mud. Great. More laundry.

Anyway, that’s about it. We are in a winter holding pattern. I make sure there is lots of hay and water, blankets where needed, put a few in feeding paddocks, and ensure everyone is still standing. Now we wait. Still no official sanction from Saratoga on my proposed mission to Puxatawny, so I’m still here.

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  1. Anna says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the horses could blanket themselves? They sure can get out of them easily enough!


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