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The usual

Finally got all feet trimmed. Poor Tamio has been coming out every single week. But, feet grow in the spring. Just the way it is. Now he gets a couple weeks off before we’ve got to do it all again. Speaking of doing it all over again, my wonderful vets got Potomac Horse Fever vaccines donated, which is great, but now I have to go back out and try to catch everybody again and jab them, again. They were just starting not to run away when they saw me. Oh well. Hopefully they will forget all about it by September. Maybe.  Or I can bathe in peppermint oil.  They like peppermints.

And, as usual with horses, things were going along beautifully, until everybody decided to take some time off (just as the weather started to get nice, too.  I suspect a plot. Or mutiny). Roy played too hard in the field, and came in with a fat leg. Vet flexed him, he’s okay, but gets time off. Reggie decided to drive a stick or something into his gaskin. He’s okay, on SMZs, but more time off. Tony is still on time off, but doing fantastic. That leaves Dunny and Teddy, my trail riding boys, and I think they are tired of taking up all the slack. “Somebody else’s turn! Really! We went for a walk yesterday!” Sigh.  I’m starting to feel very unloved, the way everyone turns tail and runs when they see me.  Except Enzo.  Golden Retrievers are the best.



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