Therapy day

Not for me, for the girls. Although, you could say every day is therapy day for me. My first OTTB got me through my divorce. I used to go to the barn and just brush him for hours (you can only ride the poor beast for so long). He gleemed. My friends used to make fun of me and put their sunglasses on when they walked past my horse. Ha ha ha.

So anyway, we did clipper therapy. Brown was a star. I can run the clippers (okay, they are pretty quiet clippers, we will move up at a later date) over her entire body. I clipped her fetlocks no problem. I clipped along her jaw (J3 fed her a peppermint at that point so it looks a little rough), and did her muzzle. Still a little tickly on the muzzle, but she wasn’t upset about it. Bridle path and ears? We aren’t there just yet, but hey, how many times have I done clipper therapy? Not too many, and these girls started The Riding Game (or The Pay Attention To Humans Game, if you will) a bit later than most. I was super pleased. I should say wicked pleased, given where I grew up, but I’ve fallen out of the habit.

Red, being a sensitive little chestnut, not to mention a bit of a diva, only got a B in that class. At least she didn’t fail. Last time she annoyed me so much I carved my initials on her butt. Monogrammed the horse. Badge of shame. It has almost grown out now, and J3 won’t let me put a smiley face on the other side. Anyway, we didn’t actually do any clipping on Red (too tickly!), but she did let us run it all over her body, along the crest, down the jawline. Just don’t put those buzzy things on her muzzle! Worse than a horsefly up the nose! Not really. She stood fine, but the constant twitching made clipping the whiskers impossible. It would have looked like I took a weed wacker to the poor thing! She is too vain for that.

So, we moved on to shipping boot therapy. It occured to me that if someone does come take my girls away, they will probably wrap the legs or put boots on them. This occurred to me last week, in fact, when I used Brownie to teach Alexis about polo wraps. I have never had to wrap Brown’s legs. I hadn’t thought about that. She was just fine for the wrapping, but moving? Hmm.Fairly entertaining.

So I brought out the Lende shipping boots. You know the ones? Come up over the knee and the hocks? Well, you would have thought I’d nailed that horse to the floor. She picked up a front leg and waived it about. She tried to move a back leg, bunny hopped the rear twice and then planted all four and looked at me like “Whathaveyoudone?Whathaveyoudone?Ohnonono!Can’tmovecan’tmovecan’tmove!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I just kept patting her and telling her how good she was until she started breathing again. Then we practiced moving about the stall. Once she agreed that it was still possible to move all four feet, we took a short walk out of the stall. I wish I had video taped that. Never seen a horse move with such animation in slow motion before. Still makes me laugh. Okay, I’m evil. But you will appreciate my efforts when you come to claim her.

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