Things have been crazy

So, I had to arrange to get twenty horses sent to Aimee (poor Aimee.  She probably sees horses in her sleep about now, she’s got so many), move everyone out of the top fields, figure out which stupid geldings hated each other, move them again, and empty out the top barn.  My tack room is now my office, except the computer is at the house.  Many runs to the dump, and all the tack I don’t use is in storage.  We definitely need to hold a sale! I have so many polo wraps I could build a fort in my living room.  But things are calming down.

Now I need to get with the co-op and work on the fields.  Then my committee has plans to fix the water at the black barn.  Actually, we had planned on doing the fields and the water last year, but with the lease being renegotiated, we decided to just put everything on hold and see what shook out.  Now we know.  Now we can act.

Maybe I will even have time to get on a horse again!  Wouldn’t that be interesting. Espescially since I think I have figured out Flash’s biggest problem: you cannot feed him.  At all.  Grass and grass hay.  Anything else gets you the anti-Christ.  Interesting.  Unfortunately, he is also not the easiest keeper.

And Danny came back!  Dance Vice.  He was here briefly in 2007 before being adopted.  Now he has come home.  He got vetted today and I have a call in to the farrier.  I will give you all a progress report as he gets going.  And a picture as soon as I get a holder and he gets a bath!

That’s all the news for now.

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