This time, we’re ready

So of course, Sandy is going to give us a miss. Good. Don’t need the rain just days before thousands of people are going to arrive and tear up my field for race day. I’ve got the riding ponies and the two sickies in the barn. Everybody else is just going to have to tough it out. I feel badly for them, but there’s not a lot I can do. Fortunately, this will all be gone by Wednesday, and the cooler weather will roll on in. These horses have been dying out there in the 85 degree, end of October heat. They already put their woollies on! No fair!

So, now I have to find Dave a birthday present. As usual, I leave it for the last minute, and time it with a hurricane that has just shut down the entire northeast. I guess an overnight from LL Bean is out of the question. You know what? gag gift time. I’m going to give Dave a can of spam. Nicely wrapped, of course.

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