Well, yesterday was farrier day. I held from 9:30 until 3 pm, but the shoes are on! Then I went home for lunch (my toast had run out hours ago, but I couldn’t exactly call a halt to the festivities for that. besides, I still have to get into those boots). While home, it started pouring again. So, didn’t get to ride my pretty little mare.

Today is, you guessed it! Farrier day! Woohoo! Tamio is coming to trim some of the field ponies. Seems like I spend my life holding horses for the farrier. And yes, it is going to rain all afternoon. Thunderstorms today, and 90% chance of precip tomorrow. Things are getting really soggy here. If it would cool off, I could put sheets on the rideables, and then I wouldn’t have to wash a horse to ride it (really slows the whole process down when you’ve first got to dig an animal out of the mud then turn a hose on it to find a place to put a saddle). Oh well, this too, shall pass. And maybe I’ll get the laundry done.

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