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To start…

Today is Wednesday, and J3 doesn’t come ride with me on Wednesdays, usually. As there are only a couple of horses I’ll get on and play with when there is no one around to pick up the body, or even call 911, today we are having trailer therapy. Loads of fun, trailer therapy. That’s where I use up untold quantities of grain, carrots and peppermints trying to lure unsuspecting ponies onto a trailer and take them for a short joyride. The rotten beasts have broken my butt bar twice, but I am hoping this practice will make them more adoptable.

I’m sure you are wondering, “They were racehorses, why don’t they load?” Well, the ones that raced do, for the most part. But last year I was given three fillies, three years old and only just halter broken (that required a lot of Pick Up Your Feet therapy, This Is A Saddle therapy, I’m Not That Fat, You Can Carry Me therapy, and so on). So now we do Trailer Therapy. If you want to see their pictures, by the way, they are on the TAN network. Off to hook up the trailer!

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