Today I am half a century old

Bleh.  Anyway, Tamio came out and finished trimming the herd.  Except for the ones we just can’t catch.  Fortunately, there aren’t many, but they are still annoying and make everyone else look bad.  We truly can’t get near them!  Even a three-legged horse can run faster than my ancient butt. Bleh again.

Good news?  After Saturday night, predicted at 20 degrees, the hail yesterday and the SNOW the day before that, it will be spring!!!!  The hunt trail rides will kick into gear and Flash and Glory will go out and see what the real world is like.  Yay!  Hopefully I will discover Glory can keep his mind on the game (and not on that cute little filly next to him) when under saddle.  That will definitely be a game changer.

Flash did make a few public appearances last year, trail rides and the dressage clinic, but it wasn’t exactly a “been there, done that” experience.  Not horrible, by any means, don’t get me wrong!  The hunt club hasn’t banned us, and we gave the dressage crowd a good laugh, but things could have gone a little bit better.  And I only almost fell off once (in dressage.  Seriously?).  I think he just needs more low stress experiences to gain confidence, because if I am perfectly honest, this horse is wired at forty watts, max, and half his bulbs have blown. But hey, everybody’s got to be somewhere.  I mean, if everyone is an astronaut, who’s making the fries?  I like fries!

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  1. Regina Flores says:

    Happy belated birthday. You are doing a great job for these horses. Everyone needs a second chance 🙂


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