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Today’s the big day

We’ve done all we can do. We are all ready to go, tents up, art in place, artists arriving, food getting ready and, you guessed it, rain. Cold and rainy. But hopefully the hardcore ottb fans will still come out and play with us. Heck, we have more than enough beer and wine to make them forget about the weather.

Yesterday I got a really nice call. Probably my first call of this sort ever. A woman in Maryland was reading her paper and saw some article about TRF. She picked up the phone, called me, and said she had never heard of us, had no idea we existed, but was so thrilled and happy that someone out there was saving these lovely animals. She just wanted to say thank you. Isn’t that neat? Pretty neat.

Anyway, let’s hope we make lots of money today so we can replace that darn water pipe and Ron doesn’t have to keep digging up a section a week. And feed the horses. Gotta feed horses (although cross paws – the fields are great, lots of clover, lots of fat horses).

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