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Okay, finally, Art at the Barn is today and yeah, it rained last night. It is also cold. I had to light the woodstove. It is 40 out now, and I’m sitting here in my carharts, getting ready to complete the horse checking. Just realized that as Sunday is Roman’s day off, and I’ve got to do night check, but art at the barn goes on until 7pm, and it is dark at 7pm…. I’m going to have to bail on the festivities early enough to get a look at these critters while there’s still enough light to see them by. Or find them. They can be good at hiding. Ask Lisa when she gets home – Montpelier is pretty big, and the ponies hide behind the hills and circle around. I almost panicked once, after having driven back and forth across the big field three times without seeing a single horse. I thought, “Oh no, it’s happened again (one year someone let them all out and I had to round ’em back up).” And then, there they were. I swear they do it on purpose. They all looked pretty darn pleased with themselves. Once when I did have to check in the dark I walked and called and walked and called and found nothing. Finally turned around to give up and go home, and there they were. Right behind me in stealth mode. Just following me, probably saying to each other, “How long before you think that dummie turns around?” Fine. Whatever. No carrots for you guys tonight.

Okay, cross your paws that AATB goes off without a hitch, we make tons of mon-ay, and there will be NO MORE RAIN.

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  1. Diana says:

    Good luck today! Maybe people will spend more because they are cold!


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