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Tomorrow is race day!

A big thank you to everyone who was doing their anti-rain dance and sending very dry thoughts to Montpelier.  Despite predictions of foul weather all week, and nothing but total downpours all day today, all we got were a few brief rains.  I have probably just now jinxed myself, but the field is still pretty dry, and tomorrow’s traffic won’t completely destroy my largest pasture!  Hooray!

And Becca came this morning to clip TBone the Hairball.  I can clip, I do have clippers, but this horse has a long memory and holds grudges.  I didn’t want to be the bad guy, so I brought in outside help.  Now he is angry with her, and I was the savior with the bag of peppermints.  Totally worth the money if I can go an entire year without a trip to the ER.  Two months to go.  Paws crossed.

What else?  Oh, someone came to look at Tony yesterday, and was quite impressed with my young man.  She isn’t a person who rushes into things, so she is going to talk it over with her vet, and come back and ride him next week.  Wouldn’t it be great if Tony found an awesome home?  Funny aside: she was a pretty tall woman, taller than me, but had a 15.2 (I think) horse that she rode.  So, Tony is 16.1.  She was standing there looking at him saying, “Oh, he’s soooo tall.  He’s sooo big…”  She was sounding more and more doubtful until I noticed we were on the downhill side (by a good three or four inches.  Makes a big difference when one is considering getting on and off a trail horse).  I ran her around to the uphill side and suddenly everything was so much more hopeful!  Yay!  But it was Tony himself who sealed the deal by having just impeccable manners under saddle.  He was lovely.

Anyway, Enzo and I are going to collect everything we need for our table tomorrow, run a few errands, do night check, then call it a day since I have to work Saturday.  Fortunately, we get an extra hour of sleep Saturday night, because T and Reggie are going to the last hunter pace of the season Sunday morning.  I have got to get you guys pictures.


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