Too hot to ride

96 degrees yesterday and today, with 70% humidity.  In fact, when I got up, it was 89% humidity.  At least it drops as the temp rises.   Poor horses were begging to come in.  So not a whole lot going on at the moment at the barn.  We are trying to get our labels printed and our hay drive mailing in order though, so it’s not exactly like I am sitting on my butt.  Oh, well, yeah.  Computer work.  That is, in fact, exactly what I am doing.  Damn.  And I tried to make it sound really important.  I sit on my butt and push buttons.


On September 11th my committee and I get to tour Tad Coffin’s saddle workshop and see exactly what goes into the making of one of these saddles.  Cool, eh?  Sadly, we couldn’t get our NY people down here to join us.  Guess I will have to take detailed notes.

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