Too tired to think

Some people find human interaction invigorating and vacations restorative. I find them both exhausting. I needed a break to recover from my break, so I went back to work. That said, it was pretty neat to go to Saratoga and meet everyone in person. Some of these people I had been talking to on the phone for years, and had never actually seen. For some reason, I had always pictured Sandy as a blonde. Guess not. Lisa and Sara had been to the farm, so I recognized them, but had never met Pat before. Or any of the board members. It is good to put faces with names. Next time, though, I think we should hold the annual meeting on Montpelier. And Dave loved going back to the track and the yearling sale (they were beautiful). He’s ready to jump in the truck and head back to NY.

So, I got home at nine p.m. last night (started driving at eight a.m., but had to pick up the dogs along the way home). Now, here’s the difference between dogs that had spent most of their life in a kennel, and have only recently become house pets vs. say, Enzo, who has been spoiled rotten from day one. Dave’s dogs were so thrilled to be sprung from jail and happy to see us they almost jumped out of their skins. Enzo was so peeved I had locked him up, he gave me the paw. No, both paws. If he could have done all four, he would have. Wouldn’t even look at me. Walked right past me and got in the truck and stared out the window. THEN, to rub it in, he snuggled up to Dave all night. Like I didn’t feel badly enough having to leave him in the first place.

What else? Oh, there was a civil war reenactment on Montpelier, and some of the cavalry decided to take their horses swimming in a neighboring pond and got one of the horses mired in the mud (look both ways before crossing the street and don’t swim in strange waters, children). A few local farmers had to haul it out with a tractor. Horse was fine, but rumor has it the horseman (if you can call him that) is going to get the rear part of his anatomy kicked. This is what passes for fun in very small, rural towns. And I missed it! Dang!

Other than that, my horses fared well in my absence. A few minor boo boos, but you toss thirty of ’em in a field, you gotta expect something. Nothing serious. No need for a vet. So, now I need to get caught up on phone calls, arrange for hay transportation (round bales), and schedule the vet for my last round of teeth floating. Oh, and wait for the farrier to come fix T’s sprung shoe. I swear that horse is playing round robin with his shoes. What do these things do when the lights go out??? I put them out with shoes on tight and basically four legs, and they come in with their clothes on backwards and lamp shades on their heads. I don’t get it.

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  1. Anna says:

    Agreed! Never could figure out why people go to Disneyland, pay all that money, to stand in lines and be with all those screaming children, and call it a vacation. Ugh. Glad your Saratoga trip was a good one in any case. It’s getting darker in the mornings now — the sunrise was exceptionally beautiful today — like a Maxfield Parrish painting!

  2. sandy says:

    Blonde, huh? Well I’ll have to think about that.
    It was great to finally meet you. Dave seems like a great guy! I do wish the staff had more time to spend together.
    Maybe we can do a staff get together, when the dust settles. What’s the corporate term for that? Staff retreat. You know… moral building! Maybe some inspiring place, like Key West.
    Well one can always dream…


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