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Totally excellent news!

My boots still fit! I know, everybody was worried, but they still fit.No one is more pleased than I.

Also, J3 and I took Red and Dunny on a BRH trail ride this morning. We went to Cow Planet, apparently. Dunny didn’t care. The only thing that bothered him today was NOT BEING FIRST. Halfway through the ride I guess he figured second was still fair striking distance, and he was certain he could out sprint that big ol’ draft horse in the stretch. He did. First to the trailers! Yay! he won the one and a half hour walking race! Red came in second, but got a serious cardio workout just staring at cows. Amazing she didn’t stroke out.

What else? Guess that’s it. Both ponies were really, really good. Loaded and shipped fine. Gotta go paint and drag the ring.

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