Trail ride!

We finally got to go out on another trail ride with Bull Run. Jeanne3 took Tony and I took my guy, T Bone (yeah, that’s really his name: T Bone Pickens. We call him Mr. T because he is 100% attitude). Odd thing happened. Tony is usually the most laid back, quiet, “Whatever, Dude” type of horse. Nothing on Montpelier has even given him pause. He learns quickly and remembers everything. T on the other hand, has been nothing but a royal pain in the backside since I brought him home. he was sooooo quiet for about two weeks, and then I guess the drugs wore off because KABOOM! Unrideable. Nasty horse. I mean, you could tack him and get on, but after that all bets were off. Just hang on and pray, if you are so inclined, but he wasn’t going to play the game. Any game. He didn’t care, the answer was “NO.” So I stopped feeding him and threw him in a field and he really got a whole lot better. But I took him out for a lesson and Marcia felt so sorry for me she didn’t even charge me, if that gives you any indication of just how horrible this horse was. Anyway, I kept trying because that’s what I do: I figure out what’s wrong with a horse and fix it to the best of my ability. Sometimes broken is broken, but T needed a horse shrink.

But back to the trail ride. Both boys walked right on the trailer, no problem…. Okay, that never happens for me. So J3 and I look at each other, agree not to say a word and jinx the situation, jump in the truck and drive. They travelled perfectly. Unloaded and tacked like gentlemen. I’m still waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop. Walking around before we set out, Tony is fine, and T is struggling with self control. I figured that would happen, and was just hoping I wouldn’t get dumped too badly. So we finally start out on our walk, and T calms right down! I am surprised and guardedly thrilled! But Tony, very unexpectedly, has a total meltdown. Loses it. It’s like a post parade gone bad. Poor J3 is holding on for life and keeping him pointed in the right direction. He maintained the temper tantrum for probably 20 minutes, and I told J3 if he kept it up, we could switch horses so she could take a breather, but he started calming down. 40 minutes into the ride he was doing fine, and by the end of it all, he was super. But how odd! I never, ever in a million years would have expected such a reaction from my unflappable little Tony Pony. Just can’t take anything for granted with horses, I guess. So I learned there is a whole lot more to both of these horses than I had imagined. Interesting.

Next week is busy again. Vets, farriers, a committee meeting. Maybe I can schedule ride time around all this. Sure hope so. It seems I have much to do, in unexpected places!

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  1. Anna says:

    Yes one is always on their toes when around the horsey folk. We don’t do much trail riding this time of the year either — the bugs in the woods will carry you and horse away! Maybe Tony had a bee sting?? On another note, been dealing with stuffy sinuses of late — something’s a-bloom and it has me back on the over the counter meds, though I may have to break down and use the nasal spray. Use a mask when cleaning out the stalls as well. At least it’s not stinkin’ hot


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