Trying to keep up

With this sit around at the computer thing. Not really my favourite. I can’t even sit around searching the web, unless I’m looking at horses, and I do that all day long anyway. So here’s what happened yesterday:

As you know, J3 is usually off on Wednesdays, so I get other stuff done. It was double farrier day yesterday! Two of ’em out. Well, we got a lot done. Sounds like I’ve got farriers out here all the time, doesn’t it? Not surprising, since I think at last count I had 71 horses running around here somewhare. By the time we get to the end, we start all over again. And if that wasn’t enough, they toss shoes for the fun of it, I’m guessing. Or draw straws (who’d she say was going cubbing this weekend? Red? Okay Red, go throw a shoe, we’ll cover for you!).

After that, I got to ride the lawn mower for a few hours. Okay, not as much fun as riding horses, but it is better for day dreaming. The lawn mower hasn’t dumped me yet. Of course, that probably also explains why I no longer have those forsythia I planted, either…

And today, get this — the chimney sweep is coming! Yes, time to get ready for winter. Sort the blankets, buy new clipper blades.

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  1. Sandy P says:

    Who is J3?
    Are you going to get anything from the hurricane or are you too far west?


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