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So, no takers watching me drive the gator, eh? I can’t believe it…

Anyway, it rained all day yesterday (in Virginia??? Noooo!) so I cleaned a lot of tack. Last night no one slept (including the horses, it seems) as it rained so hard. The dogs and I were up all night. Of course, that made today super humid. Lovely. But J3 and I got everything done. Enzo chose to spend the afternoon in the airconditioning. I wanna be him.

What else? Ron is fixing (actually, rebuilding would be a better word; he had to completely scrap the existing fence some bozo put up. Posts every four feet and not deep enough in the ground. Then they cut up all those 16 foot boards to fit, and cut the tops off the posts so nothing is really reusable as far as fencing goes). I’ll be able to move horses over there soon. I”ve got to choose which horses are going to some open house in June. That ought to be entertaining. At least they get to arrive a couple days ahead of schedule to settle in. Anne is sending a couple/ three geldings next week. Red will probably make the return trip to NoVA as there is a pony club person looking for short mares up there. Wouldn’t that be nice? Red could have her own pet girl!

Other than that, a calm week here on the farm. Hopefully something fun will happen soon, otherwise I am going to have to start making things up.

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