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Unusual weather

I spend a lot of time talking about the weather, don’t I? Well, I guess when one works out of doors, one’s main concern is the weather. If it’s cold, I get cold. If it rains, I get wet. If it’s hot, I drive off the road and wreck my truck (yeah, still annoyed about that. I really liked that old truck).

So, it has been unseasonably mild. Only in the 80s in August! (I think that merits a few more !!!!!!! as it is usually 100 to 115 in August). August stinks. It is usually a month to be survived. If anything is going to happen, it better happen before 10 AM, or it just isn’t getting done. We start very early, take a nice long mid-day break, and try again in the evening. I do my best paperwork in August. The office is air-conditioned.

And more good news regarding horses! See, I occasionally mention them, too. Morningside B&B is fostering four of our horses, so the guests have something to look at. Brown was adopted by Amanda Shelton, and is having a lovely time at her farm with Cecil and Fortune, previously placed with Amanda (Three! She took three! Jump up and down time! Oh, and her husband was in on this, I should probably mention him, too. Thanks, Larry). And now it looks like Swing will have a home as well! Crike! I couldn’t even give them away for about two or three years, and all of the sudden whoosh! They are flying out the door. I should email Madisyn and see how she and Gator are getting along. Maybe they’ve done something cool we can put in the newsletter. At the very least we could get a really cute picture of them all decked out in purple.

Okay, off to fill water tanks. Montpelier is working on the water towers, so they have to shut off the water for a couple of days, but in a groundbreaking, absolutely astounding manuever, they actually told me this a week ahead of time so I could be proactive, instead of my usual panicked reaction to everything that goes on around here. Thank you, Montpelier! I hate showing up and thinking, “Oh great, no water. And the horses drank everything because I was letting the tanks go down so I could scrub them. Super. Now I’ve got to drive all over creation with buckets.”

Don’t have to do that today. I got the tanks in place last night (with Dave’s help. Thank you Dave), and now I just drive around and fill them with the 200 gallon tank Dave bought for me when we were without power for four days after the big storm. Thanks, Dave. Super easy, except for getting out of bed early to do all this. I am SO not a morning person.

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  1. Anna says:


    I have a dressage saddle, pads, leathers & stirrup irons I’d like to donate — can you email me off line please at the above email?



  2. KWilkins says:

    Anna, I can’t see the email. Would you email me at kim@trfinc.org? I can see your email on my cell phone, but of course I’ve lost that.


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