Update to the 10 Dec post that never posted.

Go figure.  Looked fine on my end, but I start poking around and see (draft) in fine print somewhere in a corner.  Okay.  So here is an update:

It looks like I might get the puppy after all.  The breeder decided she would rather have the female.  So, paws crossed, everybody!

Riding was put on hold while I found a new farrier, and for rain.  Oh, it rained in Virginia!  Surprise! Then we lost shoes and had abscesses from nails.  Nothing is easy.  Anyway, I got back on Flash and he actually gave a really good try at leg yields and turn on the forehands (also known as flask and gate maneuvers, for those of you new to this blog)!  And I am still able to get on Glory unassisted, as long as I have a pocketful of peppermints.

Oh, and Taxi was adopted!  Good luck to her, and Anika, in their new home!

What else?  Well, we got the round bale feeders in place for winter, but as it is still 60 degrees around here there isn’t any reason to put out hay.  The fields are still doing very well (except for the area used as a parking lot for the races.  That is a mess).  I should get more photos of Flashy and Glory up online.  But as cranky as Flash is, I am starting to feel rather protective of the jerk.  Never a good sign, as they usually wind up on my dime. I do not need a horse.  I do not need a horse. This is my new mantra.  Someone out there needs a horse!

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