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Two of the new guys got front shoes today! And were perfect for the farrier! Roy did not get new shoes, as he was a bit off coming in this morning, and it could be an abscess or it could be a bruise, but either way, banging a shoe on a sore foot stinks. So Roy got a bye day and we will get back to him in a week or so. But they were all PERFECT for the farrier! I couldn’t believe it.

And someone may be interested in Tony. Got a nibble. Tried all week to get him cleaned up for a photo op, but never got time between this that and the other (read: rain, volunteers, farrier, etc.). So J3 agreed to designate Monday as “Tony Day,” and he gets bathed, clipped, lunged, tacked, ridden and photographed (or videod, better check batteries). If I get anything worth sharing, I’ll try to put it on youtube (if I can remember how…) and post the link. I think he’s adorable. Be interesting to hear what the reat of you think.

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  1. Anna says:

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving Kim & extra nibbles to the horses!


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