Yeah, it actually happened: I am on vacation.  Dave and I went to the Outer Banks, NC, with of course, Jake and Enzo.  Which means no sleeping late, but that’s okay as I don’t do anything all day.  I’m getting better at it.  The first 24 hours were awful.  I couldn’t get used to doing nothing.  I felt like there was something I desperately had to do and couldn’t remember what!  I’ve also been fielding more work related emails and phone calls than I do when I am at work.  Really, guys?

We’ve seen two movies (which is two more than we saw last year), and have eaten more seafood than usually consumed in many, many months.  But it is all fresh and good.  A nice change from my usual fare of cow.  Apologies to all you veggies out there, but you just can’t beat a cow.  They are probably the world’s most perfect animal.  You get milk, butter, ice cream, yogurt from them.  They are tasty.  You can wear them and make cool stuff out of them.  They make better neighbors than humans.  The only downside is they don’t foxhunt well, so I still ride horses, who do not produce ice cream.  And have a tendency to injure themselves with alarming frequency.

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  1. Anna says:

    Well Said!


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