Vet coming today

BREC is sending out the big guns today: Dr. Coles is coming to do the spring herd evaluation. Actually, I couldn’t be happier. It’s May, and the horses look fabulous. Well, except for the mud. We had a thunderstorm last night, and as I drove by the big field this morning I noticed I now have thirty-eight chestnuts. I could have sworn there were at least a few greys out there yesterday… Maybe a bay or two… Whatever. They are fat, if filthy.

I was going to get a few more geldings this week, but Anne called, and wouldn’t you know, they all went lame! Abscess, trimmed short, all sorts of things. But all of them?? And it WAS NOT ME! Just want you all to know that. I haven’t even seen these guys yet. Someone must have told them they were coming to Montpelier. Sigh.

Today is the second official day of humidity and heat. I’m not ready for hot and humid yet, but it is good weather to start greenies. They don’t want to go anywhere or do anything. I have to say I am really impressed with Red and Brown, though. I’ve taken them in the ring on very windy days, and they still paid attention and did their job. They are going to be very good horses when they grow up. Yesterday I decided to work on something entirely different. I tied a rope to a tire and had the horses drag it around. A little desensitization, if you will. Gator was a superstar, as usual. She looked at the tire, looked at me, and said, “Oh. Another Stupid Human Trick. Whatever.” Never even glanced at it again. Red did it, but wasn’t in the least bit happy about the idea, and kept that evil tire squarely in sight at all times. I was surprised Swing reacted at all. She’s so brave, but she thought dragging a tire was a pretty dumb idea. She was better than Red, but not as nonchalant as Gator. Brown was a surprise too, but a good one. She was interested in the tire, surprised it followed her, but not concerned. By the time we finished dragging it around she was almost as good as Gator! She may learn at a slower pace, but once she understands something, she’s got it. She’s a fun mare to work with. Now that she is older, she’s getting a personality and opinions.

Well, Debra will be here soon and I’ve got to take here out to groom, then back for the vet tour, then Tim is coming around two this afternoon. Chat later.

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