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Waterlogged part 2

I’ve been told Texas is still on fire and should quit my whining.   All due apologies to Texas.  And Oklahoma.  And, to cover my backside, anyplace else on earth it has not rained in quite a long time.  My apologies to all arid countries (unless you like it that way).   Personally, I do not like arid places, having spent months in the southwest.  Not really fond of the mold, though, either. 

All the rain has started knocking over the old growth forest again.  The only place old growth likes to fall is on my fence line, for some reason.  18″ chain saw v. 4′ tree trunk.  Hmmm.  I’ve consulted Montpelier on this one.  Might have to call in a few really buff lumberjacks from Washington State.  If that happens, I will be certain to post pictures.


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  1. Sandy says:

    Please consult Montpelier. Will be waiting for photos.

  2. john moore says:

    Great to see this humming along, Kim!


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