We solo’d!

Hey, Chick and Roy went out for solo trail rides today. I guess if I am gonna market a horse as a trail horse, I should see if it will actually go out on a trail, right?  Seemed like a plan, anyway.

So, Chick was as bombproof as ever.  Nothing phases the guy, but…  It was Sisyphus, wasn’t it, that had to push the rock up the hill?  Bet even he couldn’t push Chick away from the barn.  The barn magnet in his butt must be the size of a volkswagon.  He can barely move going away from home, but turn for the barn and POW!  What a horse!  Next time I think I will trailer him a few miles out and ride home.  Might be easier.

Roy, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed himself.  He has a little bit of a mud, puddle issue.  Wasn’t much of a problem, just a little hesitant, until we were halfway through the first big, muddy, puddly area and PLOP! a frog jumped into the water.  Ahhhh!!! Told you so!  It’s ALIVE!!!!!!  We cleared the rest of the mess in one huge jump.  His pretty little feet didn’t touch water for the rest of the ride.  We had fun, but need puddle practice.

So that’s what we did today.

Nancy, Don and I went through our mailing lists and tried once again to eliminate all the duplicates as we get set for our fall hay drive.  Keep your paws crossed.

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