I shouldn’t whine about the weather, but I’m gonna. The rain has been good, I will admit. Most of the fields are doing well, and I haven’t had to put out hay. I say most, because the new field is garbage. Nothing but weeds, and the mares look like they are starting to drop off. Not good going into winter! So I’ve got to move all 11 right back from whence they came (so much for my grand experiment in separating the sexes). And since my trailer is busted, again, I’ve got to walk them the two miles back across Montpelier. Here’s where the whining comes in: I’ve got to do this in the rain. The tractor clutch broke, so I can’t get hay to the girls, and therefore must bring the girls to the grass. 2 miles away. In the rain. It’s going to rain all week. I’m going to be grumpy.

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