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I know I spend a huge amount of time talking about the weather, but when one works out of doors, the weather is a huge component in my daily planning. For example: Tamio was going to come and do more field trims tomorrow. I checked the weather report this morning at 6:30, and it said 90% heavy rain and thunderstorms. Hmmm. Makes for a lousy time in the field. I waited until 12:30 and checked again (even NOAA can change its mind) and got the same report. So, I had to call Tamio and reschedule.

And Tony played too hard in the field again and warranted another vet call. No visible anything, so of course I’m thinking stifle or hock and the end of my favorite pony. Nope. 4 weeks off and good as new. This horse knows how to get off work!

Okay, Gerry is here to go over Montpelier finances with me, so gotta go.

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  1. Anna says:

    The weather and how one’s health is going are defnly the two biggies when you have an outside occupation! My son has a weather background from the Air Force and just about all of our friends ask “What does Eli say” about the weather when it comes to riding or any outside training sessions. I would LOVE to have a covered arena someday — one with fans. Hope you get a good report from FIN!


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