Well, it’s been an exciting week here at Montpelier, with earthquakes and hurricanes and all. Friday the horses knew something was up (they always do, don’t they? Except Sky, Dave’s dog. She’s absolutely terrified of storms and becomes a one-dog destruction module at the slightest rumble. So you know what she does? Sleeps through the earthquake. Apparently a non-event on her scale. Weird dog), so we gave up trying to ride the silly beasts and went into hurricane protection mode. Battened down the hatches. And……

Nothing happened.

And after all that hype! I was dissapointed. I had my candles, propane, toilet paper – I was all set. Bummer. But at least the office didn’t flood again.

But that’s okay. We got some rain, fields are still green, and the horses are temporarily clean (until they discover the mud. Gonna happen soon, guaranteed).

So today I’m going to jog Gator (we are both still fat and out of shape, and hunting season is just around the corner), then unbatten the hatches. I’ll probably clean the office and bathrooms, too. How’s that for an exciting Sunday?

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