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Okay, so it’s Saturday, my one day off. Know what I do September through March on my one day off? I go to the barn, load up a horse and go hunting. Then go back to the barn and take care of the horse and clean the tack and trailer. What kind of idiot does this? I do this all week long. Oh well.

Got a new horse in today. Told ’em to call me when he shipped. Got no call. Told ’em Saturday I wouldn’t be there. He shipped in on — you guessed it — Saturday. They had Dale Jenkins as a contact number (he retired. Not here). Fortunately, everyone on Montpelier knows where these guys go, so they directed the shipper to the black barn and when I got back from hunting, there was another horse. Crike. Communication, people, communication! You have my numbers! Every now and again I seriously consider buying 50 pounds of flour and a mule and moving to Minnesota or something. And then I remember why I left New Hampshire. Kinda cold up there. Oh well.

Haven’t been on line lately ’cause there hasn’t been a lot to report. Two of my horses caught colds standing in all that rain. But today, the Marine band played at Montpelier and the horses went nuts. Can’t wait to see how they react to the fireworks…

Oh, and I forgot my mother’s birthday. Well, not forgot, exactly, but got the day wrong. See, I was convinced it was this Saturday. I didn’t look at the dates. Her birthday is the 16th. Today is the 17th. Oops. My bad. My very bad. I’ll be working this one off for years to come.

Well, it’s late. Almost 9. I’ve got to go check stall ponies then I’m going home to a nice, hot shower and SLEEP.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Yeah I try to avoid computer on Sunday. Great idea but doesnt usually work in practice!


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