What a morning

Totally unplugged.  As I no longer have an office, everything depends on my cell phone (which is actually a misnomer: it will do almost anything except make calls.  I really have to work to find the Phone Function).  I forgot to bring said “phone” to the barn.  Yeah!  Nice and quiet.  And as it was cloudy, the temp stayed below 85.

So I rode.  Smash was lovely, quiet and SLOW!  It was brilliant.  Oh dear, I wonder if he is getting sick? He looked fine.  He is much better in the ring than in the field.

Flash has had a major breakthrough, and has admitted that half halts may be a real thing.  Before, I think he felt that everything I did in the saddle was pretty much to intentionally annoy him.  I thought, “Hallelujah! He is paying attention and trying.  Maybe he finally is starting to trust!”  And then he wouldn’t let me back in the stall this afternoon.  Such a difficult child.

And Danny is wonderful.  We did a solo hack around Montpelier (mud camp happening at barn again.  Hate running over small children in the woods.  The parents get so cranky), and he is perfect.  Someone has to come give him a forever home.

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  1. George Tyler says:

    Why don’t you have an office?? I miss coming to TRF and will try to come back soon. My donation fo 2015 is in the mail.
    Later, George

    • KWilkins says:

      Hey George, we miss you too! Renegotiation on leases took away the yearling barn and associated fields, so I occasionally (read: very rarely) bother to log on from home and check in. Call me sometime. The weather is still beautiful, and you and Faye can come out for a picnic!


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