Whew! Feeling better now.

The sun came out and it is 80 degrees. We’ve got the sawdust in the courtyard, the barn cleaned, the area mowed, Ron’s getting the little tent set up.

The pipe has been fixed, and if it stays 80 degrees and windy it might dry out. If not, we do have a plan B, so no problem there.

If it stays 80 and windy, my field might dry enough to park in. We are keeping the tractor (and tow chains) at the black barn anyway, just in case….. But I flagged all the danger spots, so unless the driver is blind, or truly believes all wheel drive is the same as four wheel drive (trust me, it ain’t. Although, when we followed the hunt, Jim C believed his volvo could jump ditches. He had that much faith in that xc 90, but guess what? Cars don’t jump) we should be okay..

I’ve got all the tables and coolers and stuff for the silent auction (less the actual art) out of the loft and down to the black barn as well. I’ve got two more jumps to move, and some mowing and weeding to finish, but I think everything is pretty much ready.

Unless it rains… The Rain O Meter at my house said we got two inches, but I think that’s bogus. I still have two inches of standing water around the house and in the basement, and the basement doesn’t flood unless we get SERIOUS rain. Upwards of five inches too fast to drain.

Or I’ve forgotten something really important and am totally blanking. Okay, something else to worry about. Crike.

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  1. Anna says:

    Sending good thoughts your way & for the weekend’s event; me, I’m headed up to CT for my annual visit to the folks and cooler weather, fall colors, apple picking, cider doughnuts, and a possible visit to a dressage barn. Wouldn’t you know its the same week that it gets cooler down here — go figure. We’ve had rain rain rain all week with no chance to ride at all — I long for a covered arena


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