Whew! Survived!

I had baaaaad feelings when I went to the barn to feed the horses Sunday morning; it was pouring rain. But it stopped and held off for the entire event. Chilly and damp? Yes. But no rain until about 7 Sunday night. Still, I guess the threat kept a lot of people home. The artists I spoke too seemed pretty happy about everything, all seemed to run smoothly, and we only lost one shoe!

That was Teddy. The boys evidently thought Art at the Barn was the most exciting thing they had ever seen, and both fields of horses put on quite a show for us all day long. Running and prancing, tails up, screeching halts at the gate… Nothing I could do, and nowhere else I could put them (people did want to see horses, after all), so I just crossed my paws and pretended I didn’t really see any of that…. I checked them after everyone had left, and the damage was remarkably minor! I figured Mr. Accident Prone T-Bone would have wacked the crap out of his legs, but he didn’t. Just lost a bell boot. Tom’s shoes plinked all the way around Montpelier on Friday, but he still had all four. Erik, Dunny and Jeff were fine. Teddy tossed a shoe. Hallelujah and praise (whoever. Still attempting political correctness. Who invented that crap?)!

So this week I await the news on who passed the vet check and may be arriving at Montpelier in the near future. Some of them looked really cute. Of course, with my luck, I’ll get all these fun, new horses to play with and it will promptly drop 40 degrees and dump three feet of snow on Virginia. I will get to pat them on the nose until April. Oh well. Won’t be the first time anyone has been grounded due to weather.

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