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Wow, was it windy yesterday! When I turned Swing and Gator out they ran and bucked and reared then ran some more. Crazy, but at least no rain! Anyway, with both Red and Brown maybe working on abscesses, we decided just to lunge them and see what soundness issues there were, provided either of them consented to actually trot a circle in the hurricane we were experiencing. Know what? They were both perfect. Just trotted happily round and round (gimpily). The only trouble we had was that they couldn’t hear us over the wind. Great minds, these two. Red didn’t really care for the wind up her tail, but hey, can’t fault her for that. Brown was as calm as could be. I really like that mare. Mares can be wonderful, people. You just have to accept the fact that they think YOU are the pet and are there to serve, not the other way around. Once you learn how to convince a mare that whatever it is you want to do is entirely HER idea, you’ll be golden. They try so hard.

What else? Hmm. Race day approaching and Ron is working his tail off beautifying Montpelier. George was here today and mowed the lawns (George is one of my wonderful volunteers who shows up every week and works his tail off, too).

Opening meet tomorrow! (Okay, Sandy? Now we start with the alcohol and the pick up lines, but there isn’t any music unless some fool drinks too much and bursts into song. This is discouraged, as it scares the hounds, and usually results in said fool having to walk home, his horse having arrived at the trailers much earlier. But other than that, we are the most fun hunt in Virginia. Says so right on the website, so you know it’s gotta be true). Also means I have to braid (or, for you Brits, plait). I used to be good at it, but one must practice. I didn’t braid anything for years (school, bleh), and now only have to go through the exercise once a year. So, yeah, I stink. The arthritis didn’t help. I’m really looking forward to see what impact my summer accident will have on my lack of ability in this department. At least I can hold forks again. I didn’t make it though six years of single-sex, private education only to have to lick my dinner off the plate. Seriously! Hmph! (Iknow, I know. Whatever.) And I’ve just found out that I have to help judge the turn out awards, which means Gator can’t win best turned out this year (she tied last year). I really wanted her to win so she could have her picture taken and I could put it up on this blog. Then you could all see how cute she is. Next year, maybe.

And Rob couldn’t make his scheduled visit here to Montpelier; something came up (Dude! I cleaned the office!). I guess we will reschedule (but if we teleconference, I won’t have to clean anything. I can wear pajamas, even. That’d be pretty cool).

Okay, it’s almost four o’clock, and I haven’t even hooked up the trailer (which positively must be done in the daylight if it is to happen at all). So I’ve got to go. But I want you all to know the ponies are looking fat and happy going into fall. All that (cursed) rain made the clover grow. All that clover made the horses fat. Wonderful, really, except Bailey looks as if he’s about to foal.

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