Winter has arrived

Monday was seventy degrees.  Today it is snowing.  And I thought Massachusetts weather was unpredictable.  This is just wild.  As soon as Ron gets the tractor fixed, I guess we’ve got to start putting out hay.

Monday we also did the fall herd evaluation.  It went well, and everyone got a good score.  Hooray!

The only thing I have to report is that my wonderful little farm truck died.  It is at the shop now to see if resurrection is possible.  Hope so.  I hate car payments.

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  1. Anna says:

    Sorry to hear about the farm truck. Our farm truck “Sister Mary” is only used to make short hauls to the feed store & to get hay, otherwise she sits contently on the farm insight of “Edith” our tractor. Sister Mary is quite elderly but will do the job when asked.

    We had nice cold weather for awhile, now its back up in the low 70s which brings out the sand gnats — ugh.


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