Winter on Montpelier

White Hot in Hay

Usually, we have very few single digit temperatures here in central VA.  It happens, though.  The last time I remember that happening was 2003/2004, the winter I started here.  I had to jump up and down on the automatic waterers to break them free.  By the time I got home, my boot laces were frozen solid and I couldn’t get out of my work clothes until my boots thawed out.

But it almost always warms up.  In January, we usually get a thaw, and foxhunting is fun, and the horses catch a break before February.  February always stinks.  Unless you live in the islands, February stinks.  We didn’t catch a break this year.  It has been solidly cold.  The water is frozen (I now use a digging bar to break it free, so that when I get back inside I can warm up my feet!).  And it doesn’t seem to matter how much hay we throw out, I have to blanket more than usual.   Sigh.

The only thing worse would be going from single digits straight to triple digits (fairly common here, in the summer, but usually only in late July/August).  We’d have no grass if it happens earlier.

So, here is a pic of what my guys are doing to stay warm:

White Hot in Hay

Cute, isn’t he?  That’s White Hot.  He’s a 1998 model.


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  1. Anna says:

    Smart horse I’d say!


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