Wow. All or nothing.

I have not moved a horse in a century, as everyone was looking for a high performance horse. All of a sudden I get a bunch of calls for companion animals.  The guy I spoke to this afternoon didn’t even care if it cribbed!  “Aw, honey, that ain’t nothing.”  Whoa.  I guess I need to get my head around this new trend.

Anyway, two of my committee members threw a big party for TRF at the Gold Cup races this past weekend, and made us a ton of money!  Almost half our hay budget!  So Sally and Anthony, I love you guys!

Now, the Norman update.  We were scheduled to run this upcoming Sunday in the Peewee Puppy Hunter class, but he went lame.  I took him to the vet and we checked him out thoroughly.  It is a mystery, and we are going to label it growing pains (panosteitis). I vividly remember two episodes in my life: chicken pox, and the year between 12 and 13 where I grew 8 inches and spent a lot of time crying from the pain.  Norm doesn’t complain, but I totally understand the limp.

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