XC clinic

Regent Spirit (aka Reggie) did his first cross country clinic with Jeanne this past Saturday.  He was a star, even though he still insists on displaying his super fancy footwork when it really isn’t necessary.  He fishtails like a pickup on ice, upon occasion…  But still, he held it together, and learned all about drops, banks, ditches and water.  He even jumped a little drop into water and a little bank out.  He did a mini sunken road.  He even agreed to get back on the trailer at the end of the day without a fuss.  Seems he just doesn’t like being first onto the trailer.  I have learned to put T on there first, then walk around behind Reg with the dressage whip and say, “Now, your turn.”  I can see it in his face when he looks at me: “Crap.  That’s the one that actually will whop me.  Fine!  I’m on!  I’m on!”  All marvelously uneventful, and nobody gets whopped.

TBone went, too.  I survived.  Enough said.  Jerk.

So, this week we await the arrival of Sara D. for the fall herd check up.  My vet will meet us at the barn, and we will drive through and re-evaluate everyone.  I’ve always done a spring/fall check up with the vet, but now that Sara is on board, she comes too.  I like that, because now the powers that be in other states who can’t get out to visit no longer just have to take my word for it.  “Oh yeah, everything is fine…   All well…  Uh huh.  Yep.”  I have back up.  One can never have too much back up.  Which reminds me: computer.  Backup.  Have not done.  Oops.

So, when Dave gets the pics off his camera, I will post a couple.  There even is a good one of T in a rare moment of concentration.

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  1. Anna says:

    Sounds like good baby steps!

    Cielito & I cantered, for the first time in 4 years. It was only about 6 strides, then I lost it & tensed up which brought him to a screeching halt. I had had a bad experience with cantering on a Saddlebred early on in my riding and am now just beginning to get my courage back. Lucky I have a great trainer & friend who’s let me work out when I was ready. Cielito has a great canter depart from the walk and he’s very good at partnering me through my fears.

    Its weird not going to work with the govt shutdown; luckily we have enough in savings to tide us over, and we continue to work on our house/barn project for the duration.

  2. KWilkins says:

    At least your horse WILL canter. T Bone has a fussy spell about it. last time, though, I asked and he did it! picked up both leads! I jumped right off and praised him, and I think the look on his face said it all: That’s all I have to do to get rid of you? Awesome!


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