Yes, I have been delinquent

But nothing terribly out of the ordinary has happened.  September is rabies month, and I have started vaccinating the herd.  My horse hasn’t tried to kill me in a while.  Someone might be interested in Teddy!  His only drawback is the cribbing, and I talked myself silly explaining how perfect he was otherwise, so she is weakening.  Asked for a picture.  She is worried (and rightly so) about colic.  But he hasn’t yet. I wish the chit who sold me my horse had mentioned the cribbing thing.  Apparently, it is something he picked up in the trailer on the way home.  Alone.  Got bored or something.  Yep.  I see it.

And Tamio will start his next round of trimming Thursday.  4 weeks on, 4 weeks off.  Start over.

What else?  Cold.  Been in the 40s at night lately, and I cannot remember it ever being in the 40s in September.  Weird weather all year long.  So I’ve got to dig into the closet and find a sheet for my skinny guy, Chick.  Wonderful old man.  Got an abscess and dropped a huge amount of weight.  I had to trailer him up to the barn to the Horsey ICU.

Speaking of, I have two older gentleman in the paddock right in front of the green barn (which is the closest to the house, and the one visitors are most likely to see) for precisely the same reasons.  They are older, need feed, need blankets in nasty weather, need to be closest to the barn in case they don’t feel well.  Guess what?  Yeah, someone complained they didn’t look so great.  Well, DUH!  That’s why I keep them close to the barn where they get fed and get special care and whatever else they need.  Yeesh.  And really, they look pretty darn good, if you know anything about older, arthritic, toothless cribbers with ulcers. They just look old.  We are all headed for old; at least my boys are happy.  Much happier since I took the chestnut mare out of their field.  They didn’t appreciate her, much.  Frankly, I wouldn’t either, if some redhead kicked the crap out of me every time I looked in her general direction.  So I sent her off to terrorize younger, more agile men.

Signing off.  Gotta finish rounds.  Dave just called and is planning dinner.  Dave can really cook, so I don’t want to miss that!



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  1. Anna says:

    My 1/4 horse gelding is a cribber, however he never does it in the pasture, and he wears his collar (an old leather one from Weaver) in his stall. I do have to accommodate the situation and he gets grain fed in a large rubber tub on the floor, as well as his hay, and the water buckets tilt a bit downward in the front, and are a tad lower on the wall. He’s 22 this year, and since he now has my Irish TB as a buddy and we’re lightly working him over small jumps, doing some dressage and cavallettis, he’s pretty happy camper.


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