Yes, it has been awhile

But it is winter, and for the most part, we just survive winter.  Hay, water, breaking ice, horse checks.  Mud.  Rain.  Cold.  Thankfully no snow so far this year!  Yesterday it got to fifty degrees, so I took Bailey for a walk in the woods.  We got lost.  He got tired.  Me too.  We are both in lousy shape.  Tonight we get 15 degrees.  Farrier may not show up tomorrow if it is that cold.  Last time it was that cold, he canceled because he said the nails froze to his tongue.  How many people can list that as an occupational hazard?  I have a coffee machine at the barn (two in fact.  What does that say about me?), so there is a ready cure for the nail problem, if needed.

Well, if anything interesting happens, I will try to get online and let you all know about it.  Until then, stay warm.

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