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Yes, I’ve been delinquent

I haven’t posted anything in forever. Well, not much has happened that is all that newsworthy. The new guys are under saddle, and Tony and Reg are doing well at the walk trot, almost ready for a canter. Roy, poor guy, is still having difficulty with basic steering. I mean, I love the guy dearly. He is as sweet as can be, but I also think he’s got the brains of a gnat. Sorry, shouldn’t say that. And not really. Once he gets something, he really gets it! And he is trying so hard, but I honestly believe Roy is one of those horses that was ponied from the stable to the track, turned loose, caught again, and ponied from the track to the stable. End of subject. He does not go to the right.

Today we had a breakthrough, though. He actually did bend to the right! and he held the right bend for an entire turn of the ring! I got off right away and cheered for him. The look on his face was, “That’s it? All I had to do was bend a little? Helck! I can do that!” Too cute.

J3 did all the riding last week, as I was grounded. The horse I was riding was being a total twit, so J3 let us start leading the trail ride. My horse calmed down, and hers became the jerk (seriously have to separate those two; someone has to lead and someone has to follow. Neither of those ponies is interested in folllowing). So all is going well, until my horse spooks at something, I guess. In anycase, he spun, lost his feet, fell down, and Kim got another trip to the ER. DANG! Three more weeks and I would have gone an entire year, one whole year! without a trip to the ER. And you know, there isn’t even mud on my helmet. I swear I just got whiplash from the sudden change of direction. Whatever.

And everybody wish Ron well: he had surgery on his shoulder this past week. He’ll be out for a bit while recovering. If anyone wants his address, give me a ring.

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  1. Anna says:

    Have a Merry Christmas & safe, healthy prosperus New Year Kim!

  2. Lisa says:

    Glad to have you back in one piece, Kim! I’ve missed your blog posts, but a bonked noggin is a pretty good excuse for laying low for a little while. Thanks for the updates on the new guys, and good luck with turning right.


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