You ever have a day

When just about everything goes right? Today was another one of those days that makes me glad that I work here and do what I do. Okay, it is still hot and humid, but 85 and humid I can live with. 105 and humid? Not so much. Feels like a cold snap.

So, okay, we start the day with Jeffy losing a shoe. Farrier will be here tomorrow, but could he hold that lousy shoe one more day? I went around yesterday and pulled the loose nails that had bent over and clinched the rest, but he decided to be special. Needs his toes twinkled again, I think. But that’s okay, no injuries.

Since Brown has been loading onto the stock trailer pretty well, I brought my straight load over (she has to leave on a step up straight load; better practice). I backed it into our newly built “loading pen,” and brought the girl ’round. At first she looked at it and said, “Unh unh. No.” But when I picked up the line behind her she walked straight on. I didn’t even have to use it! YESSS!

So, since poor Teddy had to practice “Pay attention and do your job in the ring even if Jeffy is cantering around and not babysitting you” yesterday, he got to trail ride with Swing today. He remembered Squishy Practice and was terrific. Straight through the mud and the stream! He remembered pushing through the brushy places, and went first this time! He remembered that one can walk straight into a branch and it will move! One would think he’d been doing this forever, and it was not his third time out in the woods. Dog, I hope he is sound and there isn’t anything that’s going to pop up later. He’s awesome fun.

And since Jeff threw a shoe, Swing did double duty while I worked Dunny (who got to trail ride yesterday) in the grass ring. She was lovely and relaxed. Dunny remembered all the stop go left right stuff, so we moved on to the trot. Awesome! No fussy spells at all! Just, “I got this! slightly faster, but I got this!” Wonderful. He prefers trails (who doesn’t. I firmly believe the only reason to study equitation is to learn how to ride well enough to get the helck out of the darn ring!), so maybe once we have half halts and better controls, he’d like hunting? Don’t know yet, but he is happier anyplace unfenced.

And since Red and Brown also practiced ring stuff yesterday (poor Red, I really made her sit up and carry herself. She can do it, is built to do it, but like most teenagers, would rather slouch, watch tv and speak some unintelligible language), they got to go out today as well. Brown is still waiting for Amanda to come pick her up, so we practiced quiet, and calm, and “Go through the **** puddle, horse!). She did! Mud and puddles: no problem! Hallelujah! Of course, she still makes a huge leap to cross an 18 inch stream… Remind me to alert Amanda to that fact. And Red carried herself very well for J3. She didn’t even try to fall on her face once. Growing up. Growing up.

So, we loaded Brown again before I ran home to let the dogs out for lunch, and she marched right on! Again, YESSS!

So, today I am a very happy camper. My snake bite ponies have healed. The “I stuck my head with something sharp” pony has healed. The bad leg pony is better. All is right in my world.

Night, all.

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