you know why I don’t do housework?

Because it hurts!  I am up in the office tidying up and doing some filing, because we are having a meeting here tomorrow.  Know what I do (aside from scaring my dog)? Slam my darn hand in the filing cabinet!  AHHH!  Now I am typing with one hand and icing the rapidly changing color finger nail.  Horses are safer than housework.  The last time I fell off didn’t hurt like this!  I am going to tell Dave.  I got out of doing dishes because I had an anxiety attack (     🙂      )   while washing.  This might exempt me from ALL housework!  I’m very excited, now that I think about it.  The Million Dollar Wound.

Of course, none of this has anything to do with the horses at Montpelier, aside from the impending meeting.  That will be about the upcoming fund raising attempt (paws crossed paws crossed paws crossed).  Looks like we have things pretty much in line.  Now all we need is for people to show up!  Dog, my finger hurts.  Sorry.  Digressed.

So, about the horses on Montpelier.  Muddy.  I’ve really had enough of this rain.  Either freeze or be nice outside!  The horses prefer cold to rain.  Me too, as I can take T the Jerky Ulcer Horse for a walk when it is cold, but we can’t do anything when it rains.  Bother.  But I have identified a few I will bring up this spring and see if they can be light riding / trail ponies.  Attitude will tell.  If they can’t actually do work, they have to be the most laid back, whatever dude kind of horse.  Like Teddy, who I can get on once a month or once a year and go for a walk.  He’s chilled.

Speaking of T the Jerky Ulcer Horse; day two back on meds, and he is improving.  A moderately grumpy day.  I consulted the wonderful vets at Blue Ridge Equine, and they do not think there will be long term health issues if I keep T the JUH on a maintenance dose.  I am very pleased to hear this, as it means I can actually try to ride the horse (rather than tacking up and hoping I don’t die).  He has this spring to prove he can be the horse I know he could be, before he morphs from T Bone to T Burgers.  Notice given, T…



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  1. Anna says:

    We’ve had rain as well, but now cold & clear — good January days in SE Georgia. My trainer was able to work the boys yesterday on the longe line & I look forward to riding this weekend. Because of the time involved in getting to the boarding barn, it’s too difficult to tack up to ride as the evenings are still in the dark zone (no lights outside). So maybe in a few weeks that will change & an afternoon after work ride will start to be a choice. I’ll need it as the work environment has gotten unstable & rumors abound as has the fear factor with administration doing things behind closed doors. Ah well, just have to try to thread the needle & survive.


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